The ETNA Collection by Daniel Garcia & Maria J. Vargas is Imposing

 - Nov 21, 2013
References: danielgarciasanchez & contemporist
Candles can really transform a space with its warm glow and mesmerizing flicker, but more often than not it still takes on a subtle presence in the home; not so with the ETNA Collection. The ETNA Collection is comprised of towering candle holders that are as imposing as skyscrapers, that is in relation to domestic houses.

Designed by Madrid-based Daniel García Studio in joint effort with María J. Vargas, the ETNA Collection not only provides a home with romantic illumination, but also a splash of color. The tops of the long wooden columns are painted bright hues including yellow, blue and red.

Produced by Spanish company Woodendot, the ETNA Collection is available in three different sizes as well as a tabletop version for those who want to remain subtle with their decor.