The Clothes Peg Candle Holder Doesn't Require Wax to Be Held Upright

 - Sep 16, 2013
References: hundredmillion & fancy
Hundred Million have found a use for something considered monolithic -- the wooden peg -- to create an adjustable candle holder called the Clothes Peg Candle Holder. Unless you're the sort to incessantly buy the same scented candles from the same olfactory shop, chances are, you've had to burn a bit of wax off the candle first to stick it upright, resulting in a waxy, messy table. Using a classic wooden clothes peg, however, the peg can be adjusted to uphold candles that are up to 40mm in diameter.

The Clothes Peg Candle Holder gives the peg a useful secondary role apart from hanging clothes and capitalizes on its inherent "gripping" function to hold upright candles that come in all heights and sizes. Given that candles don't usually come in a one-size-fit-all shape, the peg holder, made from rubber wood with a real working spring, makes for a subtle ulterior change to the original invention.