These Tallow Candles and Their Holders are Made Entirely of Molded Wax

You may have noticed this with thicker candles already but the Tallow Candles further prove that tapers do not necessarily require separate stands. When the wax has been molded into a sufficiently broad base, the paraffin material is able to balance the weight of the upright stick and wick.

Sold through the MoMA store, these clever items mimic the look of old-fashioned candlesticks with saucer-like bottoms to collect dripping wax and little loop handles to enable convenient carrying. This lower portion of the low-tech illuminator has been sculpted carefully to transition smoothly into a tall and slender candle as it rises. The Tallow Candles contain their own melted mess, and make great dining table centrepieces with a hybrid antique-contemporary flair. They would prove authentically useful in blackouts too.