The Octo-Labra is a Sea Creature-Inspired Candelabra

With the Octo-Labra, individuals can freely add some sea creature inspiration to candlesticks and table top adornments. This impressive octopus-inspired holder will hold four of your favorite candles, while the other four tentacles are simply for decorative purposes only.

Cast in the finest pewter, this wonderfully expressive and anatomically correct candelabra will have guests gawking over its intricate beauty. Why not liven up dining room decor by placing this eight-legged wonder in the middle of the table? Sure to be a conversation piece, this trusty pewter candle holder will be greatly appreciated by sea-lovers and sailors.

For those looking to bring a bit of the big blue into their swanky dining room, the Octo-Labra, which captures the expressive moment of a graceful sea-dwelling creature, is your go-to option.