The Eventide Candlestick Supports its Luminaries Laterally

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: romainpascal & leibal
There is a certain elegance and delicacy to the display of tall candles in an upright position; nevertheless, and while it is overwhelmingly common to arrange them in this way, it is not the only option. The Eventide Candlestick invites you to turn the taper on its side so that it rests longways upon your dining room table.

There are several advantages to this atypical arrangement. First of all, the flame will never be at eye-level, ensuring that you get an unhindered view of the person sitting across from you. Secondly, when the wax melts, liquifies, drips down and hardens, this occurs within the confines of the ceramic trough. Thirdly, Romain Pascal's Eventide Candlestick is perfectly stable and certainly not at risk of toppling over. Lastly, it delivers a fresh and fetching aesthetic effect.