The Servitoren Waiter Candlestick Juggles All Sorts of Other Stuff

 - Jan 17, 2014
References: & mocoloco
There are a few effective methods for sprucing up your living spaces and the Servitören Waiter Candlestick tackles two of them. Firstly, this delightful item contributes by acting as decoration on a table; secondly, it helps you to tidy up some of the clutter that you might find throughout the room.

Designed by Alexander Lervik, this candle holder comprises eight stacked segments that make up its shaft. Some of these have rods projecting from them that feature rings, plates, bowls, cups and even additional candle holders, all splaying out in different directions. The Servitören Waiter Candlestick is a multitasking object that's suited for dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and offices. It can accommodate jewelry, makeup, soaps, office supplies and even tiny vases.