The 6 Rubens Tubes Visualizer Looks Like a Votive Candle Stand

 - Oct 17, 2012
References: yurisuzuki &
The 6 Rubens Tubes Visualizer looks like a futuristic version of a votive candle stand used by churches all over the world. The minimalist tiered design is eerily similar to the traditional religious fixture. Nevertheless, there is nothing religious about it, unless people consider music a religion. Instead, it is a fiery interpretation of an equalizer.

Designed by Japanese artist Yuri Suzuki in collaboration with Mathew Kneebone, the 6 Rubens Tubes Visualizer interacts with the instrumental song Baroque Hoedown. It puts on a stunning visual display that is utterly mesmerizing. Each of the six levels reacts to the song in different ways, putting on a show that a person would not want to miss.

The 6 Rubens Tubes Visualizer was commissioned by MUSARC.