The Focallength Candle Holder is Made for the Photographer

 - Sep 14, 2012
References: & bookofjoe
The Focallength candle holder is made for photographers and candle lovers alike. Modeled after the classic picture snapper, it is made out of dyed concrete. Unlike other creations that simply repurpose old cameras, this candlestick is more of an artistic endeavor. It revolves around a mold of the real thing that makes it a lot more versatile for various homes and existing decor.

Designed by Herr Mandel, the Focallength candle holder is available in six colors, which are black, purple, blue, pink, green and grey. It fits all current cheroot candle, conveniently boasting a diameter of 60 mm. The Focallength candle holder comes with small plastic feet to ensure that it doesn't damage any surface that it happens to be placed on.