The Nimble Candleholder Collects Cascading Paraffin for an Easy Cleanup

 - Feb 1, 2012
For those modern people who still make use of archaic illumination, the Nimble Candleholder presents a way for the practice to shed the mess and offer increased convenience of use. However beautiful, candle sticks are often ineffectual against blocking the flow of dripping wax -- a knack that has been built into the design of this clever object.

Dominic D'Andrea actually looked to antique models of portable candle holders from which to develop his own. A smooth neck slopes gently into an upturned dish, inviting the accumulation of liquid paraffin into hardening channels and a solidifying pool. For a Post-Industrial appearance, the piece has been molded from red plastic into a smooth squared shape, complete with a loopless tag for a handle. The flexible Nimble Candleholder need be twisted only slightly to crack the toughened wax for an effortless disposal.