The Piled Stones Candlesticks Embody an Otherworldly Organic Aesthetic

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: sebastianjansson & mocoloco
While these Piled Stones Candlesticks have been inspired by natural forms, there is definitely an aesthetic element of contrived composition present in each and every one of them. Sure, the designer might have arranged the rocky components into more natural stacks, but this method better represents the thoughtful design behind the decorative items.

Stoneware was used to manufacture some of the contemporary candle holders, but other very different materials such as stained wood, mirrors and injection-molded glass were used as well. Silver and brass plating is visible in some of the pieces too. The rounded geometric blocks of the Piled Stones Candlesticks have been heaped curiously and precariously by Sebastian Jansson to take towering shapes that look ready to collapse. Such is not what one would want when there is a flame present, but this makes the overall effect completely captivating.