These Knitting Earrings are Itsy Bitsy Sewing Accessories

 - Apr 29, 2013
References: en.dawanda
You might think knitting is meant for grannies, gramps and the recently retired, but these knitting earrings will appeal to a younger audience. Going even broader, these earrings will appeal to anyone who loves to participate in knitting activities, or even arts and crafts.

These earrings have been designed so that they look like tiny balls of yarn with miniature knitting needles. It is odd how miniature versions of objects -- sandwiches, dollhouses and dishware -- are often considered more adorable than their regular-sized counterparts.

For those looking for a discreet way to show their appreciation and obsession for yarn, knitting or things of a crafty nature, these knitting earrings are a creative way to showcase your love. Hardcore knitters will also appreciate the use of 100% real Merino wool for the balls of yarn.