This Party at Gatsby's Sweater is an Open-Ended Invitation

With the 2013 remake of The Great Gatsby hitting theaters in a matter of days, this Party at Gatsby's sweater is just one of many pieces of merchandise that will be flying off the shelf. This is not the only reason that this sweater will be a lusted after by many literary ladies and gentlemen.

If there is one man who knows how to throw a party it would be the rich and enigmatic Jay Gatsby created by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Many loyal fans of Fitzgerald were first introduced to him in high school English class.

Think of this sweater as an invitation to one of Gatsby’s flamboyant soirees and keep in mind that refusing an invite is often regarded as an insult. Emblazoned with Party at Gatsby's, this sweater lets you know where you need to be if you’re in search of action-packed party.