The Joanna R. Wodzinska S/S 2013 Collection Offers Standout Styles

Joanna R. Wodzinska’s Spring Summer 2013 is a continuation of designs from the previous season. The collections is divided into three lines: Casual, Wild and Delicate. The silhouettes are minimal, versatile and loose fitted. The color palette is a little bit de-saturated, with lots of grays, whites, earthy tones and contrasting juicy pinks. There are more long pieces than in the winter season and the whole collection seems to be more sophisticated.

You can find quite a few 20s-inspired looks, which due to The Great Gatsby soon will become very fashionable. The collection includes simple, long sweaters, exaggerated volume dresses and a few skirts made of peacock and ostrich feathers. There’s something for everyone. It seems to me that it is this universality that is the basis of the success of the brand. Joanna R. Wodzinska's fashions prove themselves, as the basis for styling and as a total look. Pieces can be easily combined with each other, and by mixing different lines you can easily change a casual look to an evening outfit.