From Lipgloss To Soda

 - Oct 8, 2007
References: trendhunter
For the lover of black licorice, October is a month for indulging. To tantalize your tastebuds without the caloric after math on the waist-line, try the special edition Black Cat Licorice lip gloss from N.Y.C. Cosmetics.

If looking ultra sleek in a skintight catsuit isn't a concern, get your lic fix the healthy way with organic black licorice. If you have a German delicatessen in our neighborhood, peruse their shelves for Haribo licorice snails for a ghoulish decor idea.

Jones has released a limited edition Black Cat Licorice Soda for Halloween. They also released another called Monster Mojito, but this post is all about the black stuff.

For a spooky spirit, try serving your Halloween cocktails through licorice straws. Or, for that quick fix in between nibbles, try black licorice gum.

You either love the stuff or hate it, but other than having an effect on taste buds, it has health benefits too. Science Daily reported, "A novel molecule extracted from licorice root has the ability to stop some cancers dead in their tracks."