From Fast Food Beauty Products to Dill-Flavored Chapticks

 - Jul 15, 2012
Luscious lip glosses and balms have undergone great transformations over the years, many of which have been flavor revamps.

Though some do-overs have been arguably more delicious than others, it's been proven that customers will buy lip products with flavors like 'popcorn' and 'unicorn farts' (whatever that smells like.) Because these are such small cosmetics that act as a great canvas for innovation, it's been easy for manufacturers to play around with the functionality and style of these moisturizers. Often seen as one of the first cosmetics girls are introduced to, it comes as no surprise that these changes are often slightly juvenile and and playful.

A staple in many cosmetics bags and sure to stick around for years, makeup fanatics will be on their toes to see what this industry comes up with next.