Mix and Match Your Own Lip Flavors at Lip Balm Labz

 - Dec 3, 2009
References: lipbalmlabz & springwise
I have passed by Toronto’s Lip Balm Labz many times, but never actually stopped to try their product (I usually think: this is just another lipstick counter). Had I paused for a second, I would have found out that Lip Balm Labz is not like any ordinary lip balm company. The Canadian start-up offers customers a personalized lip balm experience by letting buyers choose what flavors will go into their balms.

There are more than 20 flavors to choose from including chocolate mousse, wacky banana, and orgasmic orange. The balm itself is made of all-natural ingredients including beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. Lip Balm Labz’s ‘Mixologists’ mix and pour the hot lip balm into a container which you take with you once it’s cooled.

I think I’ll be stopping at Lip Balm Labz on my way home!