- Sep 19, 2014
These bold lipstick applications will take any costume to the next level on Halloween night. The Halloween makeup ideas range from dual tone lips that are a perfect fit for MOD or 60s-inspired costumes along with reptilian creations that are perfect for lizard or snake-themed get-ups.

Steal the spotlight this Halloween with a bold lipstick look that will complete your transformation. Standouts from this list include jeweled applications and blended lipstick looks that are feminine and princess-approved. Other memorable examples are lipstick alternatives like sticker lip tattoos that are mess-free and flawless in their look.

Whatever your Halloween costume this holiday, these lipstick ideas will take it to the next level. The cosmetic looks can be paired with a full face of makeup or worn alone as a standout look.

Amp Up Your Costume With these Bold Lipstick Appications: