Sheen by Diliana Florentin Boasts Dewy Skin and Shimmering Makeup

 - Aug 20, 2013
For women who are looking to introduce a more dramatic makeup look into their repertoire, the photo series titled Sheen by Diliana Florentin, a photographer based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a great reference. Although not as bold and statement-making as Lady Gaga's latest beauty adventure, the looks will certainly turn heads. As the title of the photoshoot suggests, it revolves around shimmering and glossy makeup that has a sensual vibe to it.

Sheen by Diliana Florentin stars model Victoria Yun. From red lipstick to gold eyeshadow and dewy skin, makeup artist Slav ensured that the brunette beauty not only had a striking glow, but also that there was a bit of a dark element thrown into the mix. Shot for, the looks are particular perfect for a night out.