Innovative Examples to Entice a Captive Audience

 - Feb 8, 2009
References: toxel
Elevators and their respective doors are a prime target for an advertising opportunity. Masses of people stand staring at these doors; they are a captive audience as they wait for the indicative ‘bing’ and their ride up or down. Many companies are realizing this and taking their ad campaigns to the elevator.

These fabulous examples of elevator advertising are part of a collection put together by Toxel. The companies they represent are as follows:

1. Coke Zero

2. Mini Cabrio

3. Gold’s Gym

4. Volkswagen

5. Achilles Forklifts

6. Jelly Tots

7. Claro

8. Science World

9. Boecker Pest Control

10. Witness Against Torture

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