- Jan 24, 2014
The classic creamy Oreo cookie has been around for more than 100 years, and still remains a grocery-shopping list staple. 

With it’s two cookie disks and cream filled center, Oreo has sufficed as instant satisfaction to after school snacks and late night cravings. Whether you split apart the two biscuits, evenly distribute the icing or simply dunk it into a tall glass of milk; Oreo-eating has become a routine. From children to adults, it continues to be an exciting cookie to enjoy.

Other cookies don’t even come close to the status and lovability of the iconic Oreo. Whether you prefer your cookie double stuffed, mini or mint, Oreo continues to delight and satisfy all of our senses. Oreo; Milks favorite cookie, and probably yours too.

From Cookie-Grabbing Utensils to Creamy Oreo Cookie Catapults: