The 'Oreo Dunking Spoon' is Cleverly Curved to Prevent Messes and Spills

 - May 23, 2013
References: amazon & thisiswhyimbroke
Oreo cookie fanatics who simply love dipping these scrumptious snacks into a cold glass of milk will be fascinated by this humorous Oreo Dunking Spoon, which prevents any spills or dropped cookies in your drink.

While some people disagree on whether the best way to eat an Oreo is by splitting it open or eating it whole, there's no doubt about the fact that dipping it in milk makes it taste a whole lot better. This Oreo Dunking Spoon has been cleverly created to make the whole dunking process a whole lot easier. This unique utensil is creatively curved at one end to conveniently hold a cookie, while you use it to carefully dunk into a glass of milk. The curved design fits snuggly around the creamy center of an Oreo, preventing you from dropping the delicious cookie on the floor or in your drink.

If you just can't get enough of these delicious cookie treats, then this Oreo Dunking Spoon will make eating them much more enjoyable.