This Pizza Roulette Game Gets Dicey with Food Flavors

 - Jul 5, 2013
References: buzzfeed
If you like get a little bit adventurous with food, this pizza roulette food game might be right up your alley. Encouraging a gambling-style food tasting, grab some friends and spend the night seeing who gets stuck with having to down some of the weirdest food pairings.

Pizza roulette is a spoofafied version of roulette that can be played with several friends on a mundane Friday night. To play, all you need is a large cheese pizza cut up into slices. Under one slice, carefully lift the cheese and stuff between the dough and the cheese several hot peppers. Then, place the pizza on a Lazy Susan, spin the pizza around and see who ends up having to eat the secretly spicy slice. If you would rather take things to extreme levels, try stuffing cheese quesadillas with sprinkles, Oreo cookies with mayonnaise or chocolate pudding with soy sauce.