- Jan 22, 2013
The head honcho of the soda industry is renowned for its ability to change with the times and Coca-Cola’s branding strategy is as cutting-edge as the infamous soft drink itself. The brand is notorious for knowing what they need to do to evolve as a soda pop retailer and, as such, they consistently collaborate with of-the-moment artists and celebrities to not only create vibrant packaging, but also a number of advertising campaigns to stay current.

Here, you’ll find a plethora of different innovations from Coca-Cola including the numerous re-imaginings of the companies packaging to the way its fountain dispensers appear in movie theaters (they’re fancy, self-serve and feature-rich). As well, there are a number of promotional campaigns that the company has released to help bolster new movies, products and even charitable endeavours.

From Interactive Pop Dispensers to Vintage Poster Pop Packaging: