Coca-Cola Promotes Sugary Fizz With ‘Open Happiness' Campaign

 - Jan 22, 2009
References: thecoca-colacompany & adrants
Coca-Cola comes back with two new spots for its "Open Happiness" ad campaign, returning to real life scenes, but not too much. The two ads are called "Library" and "Crave," and carry on the playful Coca-Cola tone from the world of fantasy.

"Library" says it all about the setting but clearly not enough about the content. Two teens stir up their dull study time by quietly exchanging sketches drawn on their hands and arms; sketches that slowly come to life. The flirting reaches a peak with a touch of hands which allows for Coke to slowly pour from one drawing to another.

But wait: Are drinks even allowed in the library? If I could bring drawings to life, in a library, with lots of studying to do, I would rather draw a door to the Phuket islands.

The second ad, "Crave," follows the same daydreaming mood and explores the thoughts of a thirsty man, obsessed with the idea of a refreshing Coke. He sees the legendary shape of its bottle everywhere--in cars, in statues, in buildings… Eventually, after much turmoil and anxiety, he quenches his thirst at a nearby shop. Obviously, this could easily make a great concept for a condom ad by replacing the infatuation theme appropriately.

I thirstily buy into this comeback of the ‘Coke side of life!’