These Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes are Wonderfully Nostalgic

Adventurous blogger Michelle from the gorgeous blog Brow Eyed Baker created these darling Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes. Michelle takes you on a delicious trip down memory lane with these diner-inspired cakes. These tempting cakes are comprised of a cola spiked chocolate cupcakes stuffed with cherry pie flavor. These handheld confections are topped with a coke-infused glaze and a lush tower of airy whipped cream. To add a delightful element of kitsch, Michelle garnished the cupcakes with glossy red cherries.

These Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes conjure up images of 1950s malt shops and comfy greasy spoon diners. For lovers of all things retro and cupcake aficionados, these cute cakes are must-have confections. Sure to seduce you with their cute and girly appearance, these Cherry Coke Cupcakes beg to be tasted.

Darling, kitschy and delightfully retro, these Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes are the perfect nostalgic indulgence.