Steps by Geof Ramsay Reconsiders the Use of the Structural Element

 - May 17, 2012
References: geoframsay & designspotter
It isn't unusual for a second purpose to be discovered of a common object and Steps by Geof Ramsay demonstrates this concept quite cleverly. Stairs were developed as an ergonomic system to give people access to elevated levels within a landscape or a building, but they have long been employed casually for other functions.

The steps at the entrance of buildings make for convenient seating while eating one's lunch or waiting to meet a friend. They afford pedestrians a place to repose with their bottoms on one tread and their feet on another.

A staircase as a chair is what this designer wished to explore with his bare wooden piece. Of the three constructed footfalls, the middle surface of Steps by Geof Ramsay becomes an armchair with a backrest. Cushions can be applied for added comfort and the flanking treads make great side tables or additional perches.