The Wulin Plaza Piano Stairs Let You Walk Out a Melody as You Climb Them

 - Oct 16, 2012
References: & news.xinhuanet
These Wulin Plaza piano stairs don't just resemble the keys of the vibrating stringed instrument, they actually make sounds when you walk on them. The curious black and white stairwell is located in Hangzhou, China. Individuals are able to to play on the keys as if they were banging on the real instrument to make their own melodies.

The sounds that emit from stepping on the rectangular steps are melodious and in accordance to the movement of your feet. If you run, the sound will appear jumbled and clamorous. If you walk, you will be able to hear more of a rhythm, like the beginning of a very catchy melody.

Altogether the Wulin Plaza piano stairs has 54 steps that guests are able to toy with and create there own musical experience.