David Clifford Has an Adventurous Spirit Immense Photographic Talent

While many people claim to have an adventurous spirit, it takes an extra bunch of talent to take epic photographs while on such adventures -- just like David Clifford does so well. Each of this Colorado-based photographer's pictures showcases extreme climbing on rock overhangs that look simply unreal!

David Clifford's captures can best be described as adrenaline junkie photography. Popular design website 'My Modern Metropolis' best quotes David Clifford in saying, "Sometimes my hand would slip off the wet rock and send me free falling through the air. Then I would be engulfed in the warmth of the Andaman Sea, swimming towards the surface, watching the sun dance across the gentle waves."

Implications - The combination of a person's career and their passion is one of the most genuine ways to create dynamic products that consumers are going to be interested in. Through looking at David Clifford's captures, it is clear that he has an immense passion for his craft, thereby giving consumers the added push to purchase his photos.