The Protrude Tray by Yasuko Furukawa Can Be Clamped to Your Table

 - Apr 18, 2013
This illusory tray by Yasuko Furukawa looks like it's about to fall and spill your coffee everywhere. But fear not -- it's just a clever design trick. This wooden tray is actually clamped onto the side of the table, making it a solid resting place for your mugs of coffee or lunch.

This gravity defying tray is perfect for people who are working on projects at their desk and need to keep their coffee and lunch away from their computers or important manuscripts.

The tray comes with a simple yet hugely effective design function that allows you to simply screw it onto the underside of your desk. The clamp is discreet and minimalist enough so that people will never guess how you managed to pull off this feat of visual trickery.