Teo “Moneyless” Pirisi Uses String to Create Delicate A

 - Apr 17, 2013
References: moneyless.it & beautifuldecay
Teo "Moneyless" Pirisi is a street artist born in Tuscany, Italy, who creates optical illusions in the real world using nothing more than pieces of string. Positioning them in a careful manner, he depicts large yet delicate geometric shapes that remain suspended in such wild and forgotten settings as forests and bridges around the world.

Quiet, contemplative and mathimatical, Teo "Moneyless" Pirisi sculptures are much more sophisticated than his original works of art that involved paints, letters and walls. Pirisi states that his carefully choreographed rope installations "are reduced to the minimum, at the same time they carry some kind of an intense tension, an invisible movement; most of my patterns hide multiple visions and different perspectives,"