Cubious Bookshelf is Patterned for Further Three Dimensionality

 - Mar 6, 2013
References: dailytonic & archidesignclub
They may generally be easier to manufacture but you don't require a bookcase consisting of perfect rectangular cubbies for the effective storage of reading material. The Cubious Bookshelf gets the job done quite well as an abstract piece of furniture that embodies an assembly of slanted components.

The two-sided shelving unit is composed of diamond-shaped openings and closed sections that together form the illusion of obliquely viewed rectangular prisms or cubes. The smaller parallelograms offer shallow ledges for the placement of books and other possessions and they have been finished in an enchanting teal color of paint. They encourage the inevitable tilted arrangement of novels within.

The modular composition of Kristina Lindqvist's Cubious Bookshelf has a charming whimsicality about it, enhanced by the alternating white and wooden sides and the stilted base.