- Nov 1, 2013
Thanksgiving fast approaches, and if you're smart, you're already brainstorming Thanksgiving leftover recipes to help you rid your household of the inevitable unfinished turkey and potatoes. The traditional Thanksgiving meal consists of a few essentials: turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and a pumpkin pie (don't drool on your keyboard). That is a lot of food, meaning you're bound to be left with some odds and ends to work with.

The best Thanksgiving leftover recipes we've seen so far include interesting brunch takes on turkey and gravy (cranberry pancakes, anyone?) as well as an incredibly creative cupcake remix of the massive meal. Whether you opt for the turkey pizza or the leftover burritos, one thing is for sure: you'll definitely need a nap after any of these indulgent meals.

Ideas to Help You Handle Leftover Turkey and Potatoes: