- Oct 10, 2014
These Thanksgiving turkey treats celebrate the indulgent Autumn holiday. Every year Thanksgiving weekend calls for family, friends and good food. Throw in some football and you're set for the perfect holiday affair.

While the traditional turkey dinner can often leave one looking for leftover recipe ideas, a non-traditional treat may just make your family gathering that much more exciting.

Memorable examples from this list of Thankgiving turkey meals include snack-stuffed turkey dinners that are perfect for the extreme foodie who doesn't limit their calorie intake. If you're looking to indulge at a smaller scale, then give a meat-stuffed, turkey donut a try. The sweet and meaty dessert also features holiday-themed cranberry garnish, making it a meal substitute for those who enjoy eating on-the-go.

From Meat-Stuffed Donut Desserts to Thanksgiving Leftover Cakes: