‘Feasting on a Budget' Makes Thanksgiving Affordable

With the costs of living continuing to rise across America, balling out with the biggest Butterball turkey there is on Thanksgiving is becoming a lot harder, but with the ‘Feasting on a Budget’ infographic, your festive dinner doesn’t have to suffer due to the recession.

Created by CreditLoan, the illustrated chart shows the easiest ways to save on your holiday feast, including where to shop for the best deals, and what dishes to prepare if you’re low on cash. As a university student who spent four years on a mac n’ cheese diet, I can fully appreciate the tips on buying groceries on a budget that this infographic shares—I just wish I had seen it a few years ago!

Whether you’re doing last-minute prep for an American Thanksgiving feast, or you could use some tips for the upcoming December holidays, Feasting on a Budget is a must-see.