Vegetarian Ways to Enjoy a Christmas Roast

 - Dec 11, 2008
References: trendhunter
Vegetarian or not, turkey is a big part of a traditional Christmas meal for a lot of people. I was vegetarian for 15 years and am considering becoming so again, but I would still want a bit of good old Christmas roast in some form or another so I decided to have a hunt for meat-free ways to enjoy turkey.

You could get a tattoo or a costume. You could knit a turkey hat rather than eat it, anger your dog by dressing it up, give your turkey a suntan, indulge your inner artist and treat it as a work of art, make your baby suffer humiliation with the best costume ever, and you can use it as part of your burlesque routine!

If none of these ring your bell, then don’t fret, as you can always indulge in your turkey via a giant statue.