Pun-Laden Political Slogans

 - Sep 24, 2008
References: mudflats.wordpress
The largest rally in Alaskan history took place last week, and surprisingly it was against Sarah Palin. Thousands of protesters gathered and were instructed to get creative in making their own slogans and signs.  The result was a colorful array of some catchy pun-laden political slogans.

Hockey sticks were the preferred means of display, carrying such signs as "Hockey Moma for Obama" and several knock offs of the classic "McCain*Palin" sign with overt substitutions "Reckless*Inexperienced" and "McPain*Failin." Homorous signs like "Keep the Puck out of DC" and "Like the Palin Koolaid?" were waved side by side with more serious signs like "Pro-Woman, Anti-Palin" and "Drilling to Nowhere."

One sign, "Great Performance but We’re not that Stupid" seems to represent a common sentiment along with numerous variations of the "McSame" and "McBush" theme.  But no slogan was more biting than "Palin: Bush with Lipstick!"