Kirsten Johnston for PETA

 - Nov 26, 2008
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Kirsten Johnston objects the use of horse-drawn carriages, so much so that she bares all to lie naked on a horse in the latest ad brought to you by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). 

According to the PETA site, horses that pull carriages deal with horrible respiratory problems associated with breathing in exhaust fumes, suffer agonizing leg pain from traversing the pavement, and have even dropped dead from heat stroke. They are also sometimes involved in traffic accidents.

We haven’t seen much of Johnston since 'Third Rock from the Sun,' in which she played the ever-so-horny Sally Solomon, was canceled by NBC. I must say, she looks absolutely stunning in her PETA ad campaign against horse-drawn carriages, although I’m sure she was helped with a bit of photoshopping magic.