Facebook Reverses its TOS After Viral Backlash, Begs Users to Stay

 - Feb 19, 2009
References: adrants
Facebook’s change in their Terms of Service (TOS) was so ill-received that they have created a pop-up window begging people not to delete their Facebook account. They are claiming to return to the old TOS soon.

The message reads, "Are you deleting because you are concerned about Facebook’s Terms of Service? This was a mistake that we have now corrected. You own the information you put on Facebook and you control what happens to it. We are sorry for the confusion."

The Facebook TOS change in question stated that all material posted on Facebook--blog entries, posted notes, Twitter updates, et al--belonged to Facebook. It spurred a viral outlash, with bloggers encouraging their readers to boycott the social networking site.

Now how’s that for "social" communication?