Digital Dharma

 - Aug 12, 2008
A new film company called Digital Dharma, whose motto in "Illuminating Justice, Invoking Compassion" just launched a challenge tonight to friends and YouTubers to watch a provocative short film called "Time to Know the Truth" and spread the word about the human rights violations against the Tibetans.

The film features interviews with monks, scholars and activists, including the brave dude who climbed to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to hang the famous "One World, One Dream, Free Tibet" banner as the torch ran by. It contains rare, banned footage from inside Tibet.

The video went up today and the goal is to get 50,000 people to watch it in the next few days, placing it on the "Most Watched" list at YouTube, thereby allowing millions of people to get informed about the situation in Tibet. Visit the Digital Dharma site to learn more and to sign Amnesty International's Pledge.

Also see my post on the Dalai Lama's "Handshake Revolution" below.