From Nonviolent Typography to Anti-War Whistleblowers

 - Sep 9, 2011
Peace -- it's an elusive, near-unreachable ideal, but that doesn't stop organizations, people and companies from creating peace-promoting products.

From large-scale art murals that mimic the greats like Gandhi (and arguably, Barack Obama) to jewelry campaigns that harness the buying power of North Americans to end conflict in the less-industrialized world, these peace-promoting products will give you something to evaluate. Certainly, peacemaking needs a little more than a nifty product or art inspiration, but if anything, it's somewhere to start and to think about how you love (or hate) the way other people approach peace, and hopefully, you'll consider peace in your everyday life.

Whether you believe in the ability of consumerism to create world peace or not, these peace-promoting products are still a far cry from your local beauty pageant contestant's claim to hoping for world peace.