The Charitable Bread Art Project is Something Worth Toasting to

 - May 13, 2009   Updated: May 25 2011
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The Bread Art Project has inspired incredible creations using dough as a canvas. While we have featured innovative toast art before, the Bread Art Project takes culinary creativity to another level of intricacy.

The Bread Art Project donates $1 for every piece of bread art created for its crowdsourced creative charity, Feeding America, which uses the clever slogan, "Go with the grain."

Implications - Food items have been given a creative makeover over the past years thanks to inventive chefs. People tend to eat with their eyes first, so it's no surprise that the culinary world has taken that extra step to make their cuisine all the more appealing. Even the simplest of edible treats, like toast, have been transformed into works of art. Bold visuals are important not only because of their flashy nature, but because they increase the sensory experience.