Oimei Co. is a Fair Trade Business Re-Investing Profits in Peacebuilding Initiatives

 - Sep 9, 2011
References: startsomegood & facebook
Based in Thailand, Oimei Co. is a fair trade company and social enterprise that, simply put, uses pillows to promote peace in the Majority World. By sourcing products from rural artisans, Oimei Co. is able to ensure that they make a fair wage and are able to support themselves to become self-sustainable. Like many small-scale artisans worldwide, those that work with Oimei Co. face extreme competition from a globalized market that favors low-cost, low-quality and mass-produced goods.

The pillows themselves embody a mix of bohemian luxe. Hand-weaved by local artisans, the vibrant pillows follow a long line of traditional manufacturing and cultural heritage.

Fifteen percent of sales from Oimei Co. are reinvested in peacebuilding projects. The first initiative is a collaboration with Thailand's Human Development Forum Foundation located in Bangkok. The Foundation works to promote democracy through disaster prevention, conflict resolution and capacity building through penetrating all levels of Thai society.

Oimei Co. has launched a campaign through the social entrepreneurship crowdsourcing website StartSomeGood and is trying to raise funds and build supporters to further realize positive social change. If you're interested in contributing to this wonderful project, click here.

Contact Information:
Oimei Co. Website
Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: 083-138-8964