The Chilote House Shoe is Eco and Ethically Principled

 - Sep 6, 2011
Consumers are finally growing interest in the origins of their products once again, and along with the curiosity comes compassion. The Chilote House Shoe is a brilliant example of a guilt-free item made in ways that aid communities and avoid offending the Earth.

Designer Stiven Kerestegian has come up with this cultural and eco-conscious footwear concept that can be made by local artisans and craftspeople from Chilean Patagonia. The project would employ people in need of work and pay, and create a fair trade business with spas, hotels and private customers.

Organic materials such as sheep's wool and up-cycled salmon leather compose the soft moccasins. The warm woven booties are stitched together with a natural twine to create a cozy breathable sock. What's not to love about the homespun Chilote House Shoe?