The MTV 'Give a Sh*t' Project Raises Awareness on the Throne

MTV, Nikki Reed and the Dalai Lama have teamed up to create the 'Give a Sh*t' project, aimed at raising awareness for a variety of world issues. The idea behind the project is that if people take a few moments out of their day to show that they care about something, the problem will be more quickly addressed and hopefully eliminated.

Twilight star Nikki Reed takes to the cause in the two minute PSA to promote the project, asking people worldwide to use Twitter or Facebook while they are alone in the bathroom, literally 'giving a sh*t,' to publicly address an issue. The shocking advert is extremely effective, both funny and honest. The 'Give a Sh*t' website includes a Sh*t-O-Meter that allows users to see who, around the world, is tweeting about causes important to them. The project is an incredibly inventive way of reaching out to youth, and getting an important message across to people worldwide.