Foreign-Ade by Taylor Goad Offers Citrus Appeasement

 - Mar 1, 2011
References: taylorgoad & lovelypackage
When life hands civilizations lemons, perhaps one hands the needy a case of Foreign-Ade by Taylor Goad. This tongue-in-cheek design project proposes a six-pack of bottled lemonade, outfitted entirely with pro-American packaging. A star spangled banner covers the top of the cardboard box, an eagle surveys the side, and an uproarious plea on the other states "when life hands you lemons, please don't bomb us."

Decked in yellow, red, white and blue, the imaginary product's packaging takes on a much more confident image within. Each beverage bottle is strapped with in impressive symbol, void of any verbal or visual weakness. As a satirical concoction for political peace offerings or domestic comfort drinks, the Foreign-Ade by Taylor Goad would surely come to some constructive use, should the state of the world require the squeezing of said lemons.