The Lord David Prosser Buthidar Movement is Based on Kindness to All

The Religion without Religion has hit the streets: Smiling and Hugging are the order of the day.

Fed up of hearing the Fundamentalists scream ‘Enemy?’ Then this is the place for you. The Buthidars, started by Lord David Prosser of Bouldnor who lives in a small North Wales village, is the newest religion on the streets.

Praying and preaching, forget it! Tenets of this new group include smiling at a stranger every day, giving hugs where they are acceptable (pervy bosses, hands off those secretaries), being an ear that listens to others’ problems, tolerance to all and empathy rather than sympathy.

As someone says, it’s not the wrapper that counts, it’s the sweetie inside.

Lord Prosser, fed up with people screaming that Islam are the enemy, and Abu Hamza and his (state benefit milking) ilk calling for the death of all Christians, Jews and anything else they could think of, decided enough is enough!

The ‘Bibles’ of each religion preach tolerance of one another. The ordinary people of each country and religion just get on with their lives. Why not let each one see that the other does the same and that without the preachers of hate, we are not enemies?

So was born the Buthidar movement, at first on Facebook and then with its own website. A call for people to put Friends First and Faith Second. No invitations go out but word starts to trickle out until there are Christians, Jews and Muslims onsite ready and willing to talk to each other. Ready to share problems and look for solutions.

No Political leaders, No Political movers and shakers, for now just ordinary people who realize they have friends and have no need to hate each other.