Health Care Can Be Provided Remotely Thanks to the Vaccine Refrigerator

 - Aug 13, 2011
References: japantrends
Envisioned by Osaka University's Dr. Kazuo Kawasaki, the designer responsible for Sarah Palin's iconic glasses, the Vaccine Refrigerator is part-health kit, part-parachute and hopes to simplify the process of vaccine injections in not only developing countries, but disaster-stricken regions.

As part of the "Peacekeeping by Design" initiative, the Vaccine Refrigerator was designed to be ejected from a moving plane, deploy a parachute and provide rudimentary healthcare to people living in conflict zones -- needless to say, it's very durable. The pack weighs a meager 6kg and comes equipped with its own on-board battery, capable of keeping the life-saving vials cool for approximately three days.

The efforts of peacekeeping and humanitarian groups, while laudable, can sometimes put personnel in the way of danger. The Vaccine Refrigerator, which comes with multi-lingual instructions, minimizes that danger by remotely providing assistance.