From Cokevertising to Talking Nostril PSA

 - Jul 25, 2012
This collection of controversial cocaine concoctions shows that though the practice of dealing or doing drugs is taboo in many circles, it is still relevant in the marketing world.

With so many effective PSAs out there that show the ghastly consequences of snorting cocaine or any other drug, it is easy to be turned off. However, the illicit practice must be alluring in some way -- perhaps it is the rush of rebellion or the adrenaline-pumping drug culture, because there are plenty of advertising initiatives that use the line-and-snort image to garner audience attention. For example, 'cokevertising' is used to sell the 'Fashion Junkie' line in a print ad featuring badass models snorting a line of clothing while the Hershey's Icebreakers Pacs are packaged in a powdered, individual baggie form -- much like heroin or cocaine are as well.

It is scary to think that the drug culture is being glorified not only in popular culture but in consumer advertisements as well.