Keith Richards Admits Snorting Father's Ashes

 - Apr 4, 2007
Rolling Stone Keith Richards has admitted that he consumed all kinds of illegal substances in his bad times, but this would shock anyone. In commentaries published on Tuesday, the 63 years old guitarist of the Rolling Stones, said to have inhaled the ashes of his father mixed with cocaine. " The strangest thing that he has tried to inhale? My father. I aspired my father ", said Richards according to the musical magazine water dock NME.
" He was cremated and I could not resist to get it with a bit of coca. It had not mattered to my dad ", he said. " he went down very easy, inusual but I am still alive ". The 84 years old father of Richards, Bert, died in 2002. The legendary rocker said to the magazine that he survived by luck, and he advised the young musicians not to try to emulate him. " I did it because this it was the way in which I did it. Now the people think that it is a way of life ", he demonstrated. He added that he does not have pretensions of immortality. " I am like the others ... only little lucky. " I was Not. The number 1 in the list of ' who probably will die ' for 10 years ", Richards said. " Really I got disappointed when I went out " of the same one.