From Rolling Stone Couture to Decrepit Rockstar Figures

 - Dec 28, 2009   Updated: Mar 23 2011
Sometimes you just have to get your Ya-Yas out. Or so says the epic rock band that just can’t seem to stop putting out music (good and bad). Long live the Rolling Stones! To honor them and their zombie guitarist Keith Richards, I have 11 Rolling Stones Remixes, from Rolling Stone Couture to Decrepit Rockstar Figures.

Implications - The music industry is an undeniably difficult market to infiltrate, especially for the music snobs that ironically, set the trends in terms of what's cool music and what's too cheesy. Thankfully for those in the music industry, there are a few iconic bands and artists (such as the Rolling Stones) whose impact was so strong that they will be cool forever, making for an easy way to reach the music snob.